Thursday, January 5, 2012

Why does my butt hurt? Oh yeah.. I kicked it!

Hello my fellow zumbistas! I'm exhausted after a day in which I only had 2 classes but tried to kick every body's butt...I ended up kicking my own in the process! My legs are in serious pain, my waist feels like I lost a size and a half, and my glutes OMG!
It's all because one of my good students told me recently she felt I haven't been hard enough on her and her class, and that she wanted me to push her further and make her sweat more. So...anywayyy... I tried really hard to do that in my morning class and everyone seemed to like it there so I just did the same at the Y in the afternoon (but gave the added wobble/lunge song, which, correct me if I'm wrong but WOW).  I believe even the students who weren't in my class today felt pain in their glutes. LOL  
(Show of hands on who felt that one!)
Funny story: After all my planning and playlist organizing, and butt kicking, the student that told me I need to turn it up a notch didn't even make it to class today. Lol! But that's O.K. We still did it and we all survived.
A little tip for everyone who wants to get the most out of their Zumba class: 
No matter how fast, slow, high or low impact the instructor is doing his/her class, you can always give it your 150% and I can assure you, you will sweat, and you will burn almost double the calories.
Remember it's different for an instructor because we HAVE to give it are 150% for some students to give it a possible 70%. (NOT EVERYBODY, BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN). That's why, when I've been injured, I tell you to jump even if I don't. ;o)
Remember, no matter what mood we're in, no matter if we're having a bad day, PMS-ing, mad at somebody, stressed, unmotivated, desperate, frustrated, etc. as instructors we still have to walk into our class, put on our best smile and give out the best-est most positive energy we can. 
This usually is easy and comes naturally but, there have been only about 2 times in my life when I have actually wanted to cry while teaching in front of everybody (which I will tell you about in future posts). 
The key for me is to focus on you and kick my emotions' butts, sooo, to all of you who smile back and give it your best thank you for being so awesome even when I try and kick your butts and you can't take it anymore. Thanks for keeping at it. You are troopers. And last but not least, thank you for kicking my butt and teaching me a lesson. You rocked it today! Mely hugs to all and c u soon!

Coming soon... "How to make your Zumba moves more effective"
                           "Could you tell I was crying?"
                           "I say a little prayer for you"


  1. Reading this made me laugh in a good way!! I love it!!

  2. This post is very motivating to me because to know that u,as an instructor, have to come to class no matter is going on in ur life is is what gives me the motivation to work hard for u so u no what u do is not in vain or a waste of time!! Which btw is not cuz i no alot of peoPle including myself r so happy to b in ur class, to have u as an instructor and friend, be doing zumba in a relaxed, chilled out environment, and laugh and have fun doing something we all love!!

  3. And since when did u start saying best-est?

  4. Thank you for your coments Jess.. and best-est? just wanted to emphasize... ahhaha... I know it's not a word. Just funny.

  5. It is funny! I just got excited cuz i thought it was a word and that i could use it!

  6. I love this, Mely, and can relate to every word. I feel seriously nauseous after my class tonight. Must have been that 150%! And a yucky energy drink. Any recommendations in that department??? Thank you for the Zumba love and inspiration!

  7. Thank you all for your comments... As far as energy drinks go... I try to stay away from them. Doctor has told me to drink Gatorade or something like that to keep me hydrated. Plain old coffee is what I drink... not all the time though. Try to hold off unless I'm being really lazy. :) Have a wonderful week... and I will keep you POSTED! HA!

  8. I have to say I absolutely LOVE the Wobble song who knew four simple moves would have kicked my butt soo much.. I love the new pace!!! I am even more excited for this week.

  9. Ya!! the Wobble song is awesome until you wake up the morning after with such sore quads that u cant even get outta bed!
    But with that being said i have to say i enjoy the butt-kicking alot! To acheive a good body i want, these hard songs are wht i need!