Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Changing the world one smile at a time!

That's my number one goal. When I tell people what I do for a living, and I say "Dance or Zumba Instructor" many people say "Oh! That's so cool! You can actually get a workout while you work!" or "That's why you're so skinny!" or "That's so cool that you can do what you love!", but the truth is, these may have been my reasons to pursue this as a career initially, but through my years of experience, the list has grown much longer and deeper. 

That's, thanks to many of my students! :) It's amazing how zumba/dancing can change your life! Of course, a lot of people feel great health wise, once they get addicted to Zumba. I am so proud to see dedicated students lose weight and walk in thinner to every class. 

More importantly though, I feel so proud to be part of a change that has occured within them. Not only have they lost weight, or have become addicted to zumba or dancing, but they have changed emotionally as a person. I have seen Zumba (and dancing) transform people in ways that only something sacred could. I have watched so many of my students grow on personal and emotional levels, and just look at life from a different perspective. So it's an honor and a gift to be able to do what I do. I love every minute of it and more so, the impact it may have on others. 

Although it's not always easy to keep a happy face for everyone, I try my best to do it. To smile as much as I possibly can, and send out good vibes and positive energy to all of you who take my class. Even though I may not know your name, my mission has always been and will always be to make the world a better place one smile at a time. So I hope today I make you smile, and you make someone else smile too. ;o) That way we will have all done our part in making the world a better place! 

If you are a person who has been changed by Zumba or Dancing, I would love to read about it. So feel free to post your comments...


  1. Someone who loves zumbaJanuary 4, 2012 at 8:24 AM


  2. Hey mely
    This first post is super awesome! It really brings out the essence of why i come to your classes! Both healthy, body image wise and socially and emotionally as well! Friendships are hard to come by for me, and i believe you and your classes have really helped me out with that! Keep doing what u love cuz people love u and what u do!!

  3. Melissa,
    This is a great first post! Can't wait for more. Your classes are really awesome. Your love for Dance shines through you and out to all of us in class. That is why I come back. I love Zumba but it is hard to find a Zumba Teacher who is also an amazing dancer. If you have not taken Zumba with Melissa you are missing a great class. So put on Tennis Shoes and come to class. You will not be disappointed. You will have fun and feel great!