Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Change a world...

Today I saw a student of mine, very sad. She was worried and thinking she was probably gonna get fired next week.She said "I'm living pay check to pay check." You know what, I thought.. so am I! I wasn't having the best week. I have so many many things to take care of. The whole class, all I could do was look at her, and all I could think of was, how can I make her smile? You know what? She brought me out of my depression and all I could think of was... how can I make her smile? Sometimes we all have moments...things that make us reflect on our lives, tough moments we may go through. Today, I asked God to make me understand why I am going through, whatever I am going through... And I realized... I am healthy and OK... How are you doing? We worry so much about the little things... We forget the big picture and forget the some people would like to have our problems, and think about what they have to do tomorrow. When all we have to do is accept what God gave us today and move on to tomorrow. Where we can be better and not worse. Where we can make a difference and not let it all be the same.. You can make a difference... with a simple smile. I did today. I changed a persons day, just by trying to be the best person I know how to, can you?

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  1. I can relate...good post :)

    Sending zumba love xoxoxo, Yvette