Thursday, February 23, 2012

Try to go to Zumba rehab and I said NO, NO, NO!

There is no doubt Zumba is not only fun and a fantastic workout but it is also like a drug. I see it happen every day! People get hooked very easily and can't stop going. Which I think is wonderful! I love my job and to be able to be the "dealer", so to speak, is an honor! LOL...But... How much Zumba is too much? I don't think there's a limit! It's such a positive and beneficial addiction, that the sky is the limit. I know when I take a vacation, or a couple of days off I definitely start getting withdrawals by the second day. How long does it take you? In fact every Sunday night (when I don't teach on the weekends) I feel them coming on. So, the other day it occured to me I may need Zumba Rehab. Can you imagine? What would that be like? What kind of horrific place would that be where there would be people keeping you away from doing Zumba.
Would the place be quiet...but not completely silent. They would constantly be playing fun music with the volume so low that you can't enjoy it, but loud enough to where you can identify the songs... to the point where you start yelling "Turn it up! Turn it up!". You would only be allowed to march to the music the whole shaking... no body rolls... no clapping...No having fun. I imagine everyone would be frowning. No one is allowed to wear bright colors. So boring... so monotonous.
That's why if anybody were to try and make me go to Zumba rehab.... I would have to say No, No, No!
I want to go crazy and have fun so let's zumba on!!! Zumba is the best addiction I have ever known!

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